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10 Healthy Go To Snacks


10 Healthy Go To Snacks

After last weeks Weight Loss post we had a bunch of questions about what a snack should look like and what are some good options. Here is a list of 10 Snacks that we think everyone should keep on hand each week!

  1.  Hard Boiled Eggs – These are great for on the go snacks. They are high in protein as well as good fats. Eat 3-4 of these and that mid day hunger will definitely be taken care of.
  2. Greek Yogurt & Fruit – Greek Yogurt is high in protein and is full of probiotics. Make sure you buy a quality brand of yogurt and make sure that you add your own fruit. The pre mixed yogurt and fruit cups are full of preservatives and fake fruit. healthy snack crossfit baytown gym
  3. Deli Meat & Cheese – A great combination of protein and fats. Be sure to buy an organic lunch meat that is low in fat and sodium. Find a serving size that works for you and pre bag these so you can grab them and go.
  4. Celery & Peanut Butter – Another great tasting combo! This snack is very low carb (depending on your peanut butter) and it is full of healthy fats. Make sure you buy fresh celery and not the pre packaged stuff, and that you are buy the all natural peanut butter.
  5. Mixed Cold Veggies – The best combination of mixed veggies are snap peas, carrots and baby bell peppers. These are all obviously good for you but they contain almost no calories. You can pack these in large amounts and snack on them all day if needed!
  6. Almonds & Jerky – Probably the number one CrossFitter snack. Almonds are high in fat and that usually is what scares people off from them, but they are calorically dense and are perfect for those who need a little extra fat in their diet. Beef Jerky is high in protein and low in fat, but be careful because some companies put in a whole bunch of additives and sodium!
  7. Rice Cakes & Sugar Free Jelly – This is a great snack for someone who has a sweet tooth. Although these are low calorie and low in sugar the combination is great for a post meal snack to stop those sugar cravings!healthy snack 2 bayway crossfit gym baytown
  8.  Popcorn – Now we do not mean the greasy, butter stuff you get at the movies. There are a number of brands out there with low calorie popcorn like Skinny Pop & Smartfood Delight Popcorn. Popcorn is 100% whole grain, high in fiber, low in calories and when bought already popped it is an easy go to snack!
  9. Classic Apples & Peanut Butter – An old school snack that is a perfect combo. You can add any flair to this that you want. The popular way is to slice the apple and scoop the peanut butter but another way is to slice your apple like bread and put the peanut butter between slices like a sandwich. You can event throw a little granola or raisins in there to mix it up! As always watch what you are buying and make sure the brand you purchase isn’t sneaking any extra stuff in there that doesn’t need to be!
  10. Protein Bar – This is last on the list for a reason. Protein bars are not usually healthy and are full of bad things, but they are a better option than going to McDonalds or binging later because you didn’t have a snack. Do your research before buying something.

These are 10 snacks that are healthy and can help fight that mid-day or late night hunger. What is great about these 10 is that they are super easy to prepare and inexpensive (other than the protein bar). Try a few of these out and make it a week purchase when you visit the grocery store!